Monday, June 25, 2012

An Impromptu Surprise Unbirthday Breakfast

This morning we celebrated a Half-Birthday.

Our middle child's birthday is two days after christmas, and at 5, when birthdays are oh-so-terribly important, he couldn't quite understand why everyone else had a celebration during the year, and he does not. So this year (and this year only I'm telling myself!) we celebrated with a Surprise Unbirthday Breakfast for our little family.

I set the table the night before, but after the children were in bed. Orange and Green was our theme, with a touch of "Alice In Wonderland" for good measure (seeing as it was an Unbirthday Party!)

I made up a little bunting that said "Happy Unbirthday" and place tags to match saying "Happy Unbirthday ...." Matching tags that said "drink me" on each mug, and a little "eat me" for the itty bitty cupcakes I purchased from Coles.

We had little party favors for the children on the table, and pass the parcel for them too, made up with things from my stash box.

The main tip I wanted to share with everyone was the balloon stakes I whipped up.

I wanted to create a helium balloon "bouquet" effect for a centerpiece. But as this was an impromptu breakfast, helium hire was not only too expensive, but not available at such short notice. So I grabbed some wire, and some co-ordinating ribbon and attached the balloons, then moulded the wire to point the balloon in the direction I wanted. I think it was a fantastic idea, they still look whimsical, but saved all the hassle!

So an easy little idea that you can whip up very quickly, my gift to you xoxo


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